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Glass protective film quality assurance:
1, the number: the number of each factory after a rigorous review to ensure that the quantity, length, width, thickness appropriate, properly used.
2, the product of the state conditions: such as temperature, physical form or solid content.
3, PE electrostatic protective film material on-site operation of the state of preparation, if necessary, can provide high temperature function, or only in the paste when the paste can be hot and cold paste. To ensure different conditions of use can be used.
4, laminating speed: the cost and quality control is an important factor in the use of speed depends on the degree of automation equipment used.
5, the packaging steps: in strict accordance with the selected production line operating procedures.
6, the provisions of quality control requirements: refers to the use of the process quality requirements and control methods.

Glass protective film Features:
1, strict control of the crystal point in the normal range, no black spots, no fog, no wrinkles, no ghosting. Above the naked eye found to be unqualified, Crown Wing commitment unconditional return.
2, the use of advanced German production equipment, advanced technology, international quality, domestic prices.
3, all the exquisite packaging film factory, color film color is, different batches of the factory color film can guarantee no color.
4, crown-protective film located in the market of high-end customers, such as your product quality, appearance, packaging, color and other requirements, select us, you will not regret it.

Dongguan Guanrong glass protective film produced by the company, has the following characteristics:
1, to protect the product in the production, transportation, storage process from pollution, corrosion, scratches.
2, the product transparency is good, no crystal point, no snow, can not afford ghosting, can not afford white mist.
3, can be selected according to different products not the same electrostatic adsorption film, easy to tear paste.
4, without plastic, non-toxic environmental protection, all products through the SGS national environmental certification.

If you choose the company in Dongguan crown-free production of high temperature electrostatic protective film, we are committed to:
1, to protect customers in the production, transportation, storage process from pollution, corrosion, scratches.
2, any color, any type of product, can be selected according to different products of different electrostatic adsorption membrane, easy to tear paste.
3, all our products are not with plastic, non-toxic environmental protection, through the SGS national environmental certification.
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