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The following after-sales service commitment:
First, a principle of service:
Crown-PE protective film brand since its inception, has been regarded as the company's most important assets and strength, "people-oriented" management system is leading the company to pursue the perfect embodiment of corporate culture, "including the support of our Customers and our employees, their support and dedication to the company, the company is the most important factor in success, customer support and trust of us is built on high-quality product quality and efficiency of the most efficient service support, we always Around the customer value to create our company the highest quality product quality and the most perfect after-sales service, our company always wanted to believe and adhere to the sincerity, enthusiasm, responsibility, satisfaction is our company has always been a principle of service.
The Company with long-term production, research and development of PE protective film brand experience, will provide you with timely, rapid and quality after-sales service.

Second, product quality commitment:
1, the production and testing of products are quality records and testing information.
2, the performance of the product testing, we invite the user to visit the whole process of the product, the whole performance check, to be confirmed after the product boxing shipped.
3, the number: the number of each factory after a rigorous review to ensure that the quantity, length, width, thickness appropriate, properly used.
4, the product of the state conditions: such as temperature, physical form or solid content.
5, PE electrostatic protective film on-site operation of the material ready state, if necessary, can provide high temperature function, or only in the paste when the paste can be hot and cold paste. To ensure different conditions of use can be used.
6, laminating speed: the cost and quality control is an important factor in the use of speed depends on the degree of automation equipment used.
7, packaging steps: in strict accordance with the selected production line operating procedures.
8, the provisions of quality control requirements: refers to the use of the process quality requirements and control methods.

Third, the product price commitment:
1, in order to ensure high reliability and advanced products, the selection of the system are selected domestic or international quality materials.
2, in the same competitive conditions, our company is not to reduce the technical performance of products, changes in product components at the expense of the basis, in good faith to the best price available to you.

Manufacturer: Dongguan Guanrong Adhesive Material Co., Ltd

Fourth, commitment to delivery:
1, the product delivery: as far as possible according to user requirements, if special requirements, to be completed in advance, our company can organize the production, testing, and strive to meet user needs.
2, the product delivery, the company to provide the following documents;
① product quality certificate
② product safety
③ detailed description of the product

Fifth, after-sales service commitment:
1, a principle of service: fast, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough
2, service objectives: quality of service to win customer satisfaction