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Dongguan Guanrong Adhesive Material Co., Ltd.

   Dongguan Guanrong Adhesive Material Co., Ltd. is a supplier of surface protection solutions for surface protection of new materials research and development, production and sales of products. Company is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Changan, between the Pearl River Delta and the major cities in the province, the radiation, transport facilities, for the South China region and the country to provide efficient and efficient service.

The core competitiveness of enterprises from the technology continues to lead the company through professional and technical personnel to introduce the introduction of internal training model, has a well-structured and experienced technical R & D team, at the same time through the introduction of a number of domestic and foreign advanced Production technology and equipment, become a set research and development, production and sales of products as one of the surface protection of professional materials manufacturer. Our products are widely used in the fields of PE protective film, PET protective film and high temperature resistant film for building materials, ceramics, touch screen and high-end consumer goods. Our products are widely used in glass lens, plastic sheet, plastic High glossy panels, decorative panel materials, high-gloss metal panels, ceramics and other substrate surface, the substrate play a protective, scratch, temperature, moisture and other effects, easy to product processing, storage and transportation.

The company will investigate and understand the market through the establishment of strategic partners with customers based on the strategic thinking of preventive management to build our core team, "unity, pragmatic, honest, innovative" spirit of enterprise, "take the road of scientific and technological innovation , To create peer Benchmarking business "business philosophy, and the simultaneous development of mainstream technology, and constantly optimize the management, forge ahead, to provide the world's highest quality products and solutions. In pursuing the "continuing to create value for customers," the purpose of the enterprise on the road, crown-wing will be "a surface protection materials industry leader," the corporate vision and make unremitting efforts.

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